As the market becomes more competitive, brands have to do much more to make sure they are visible and progressively operating. Below are a few things they would need to do;

Formalisation is key as registration makes your operations legal and formal thus winning trust of clients. If you are in need of registration services, Jaluum Luwizza Herberts of YOUNG TREP will help you.

Recording transactions will help you to determine your financial position, make business auditing easy, and help you for taxation purposes. Make sure you have books of accounts like receipt books, invoice books, cash requisition books, payment vouchers, etc. Mtf Baker of Digtech Solutions Hub will help you have those different kinds of books and Gen Edwardo Santos will guide you about taxation.

Brand Visibility collection

Opening a business bank account will help you to track better your business cash inflows and outflows. Judith Ankunda of Bank Of Africa Uganda can add more about this.

Brand visibility is key and thus worth investing a portion of your budget in it. Logos, business cards, staff IDs, headed paper and envelopes, corporate wear, posters and flyers, social media pages and many more are necessary for customer engagement. Come to Digtech Solutions Hub for these services.

A PRO is vital to help on internal and external communication and interraction with clients. For more, ask Kimbugwe Ramadhan of Prowess Communications

At one point, security may be necessary. Cameras at work place will help you monitor your assets and also employees which in turn boosts productivity. Banabas Mugabi of Tracksight has more information.

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